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Soil and plant health

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We offer solutions to meet your agriculture needs

From soil enhancement and plant health to natural fertilizers that support regenerative agriculture. Our tailored solutions help you to improve soil fertility, nutrient availability, crop growth and healthier harvests. We maximize crop quality and promote soil health by providing natural fertilizers, ensuring healthier and more productive fields.

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OMEX: Nourishing the Future of Agriculture with Science-Driven Solutions.

OMEX is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of an innovative line of plant nutrition products. Their mission is to enhance plant health and performance for the agriculture and horticulture industry through science-driven solutions. .

All prices are listed MSRP. Give Ron a call for producer pricing + orders.

Earth Smart Solutions: Harnessing Nature's Best for a Cleaner, Greener World.

Earth Smart Solutions is an eco-friendly company that offers a wide range of products made with natural ingredients and sustainable resources. Their mission is to provide environmentally safe products for personal, commercial, and industrial applications, aiming to foster a sustainable environment.

Covers & Co. : Sowing the Seeds of Nature's Wisdom for a Resilient Farming Future.

Covers & Co., also known as Plant Diversity Co., is a Western Canadian cover crop and forage seed provider. Their primary mission is to help farmers integrate the Principles of Nature into their operations. By doing so, they aim to reduce input costs, enhance soil resiliency, and regenerate small farming communities. They offer a variety of products, including seeds for cool season cover, full season cover, warm season cover, swath grazing cover, and more.

At Grow Rx, we specialize in premium fertilizer blends that are tailor-made to cultivate beautiful flowers, plush lawns, strong trees and shrubs, and abundant vegetable gardens.

Humic acid is essential for successful farming since it not only helps to increase crop yield but also provides a range of protective benefits.

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Organic agriculture promotes ecological balance and is known for creating healthy food and diverse ecosystems.

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