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Your Complete Plant Nutrition Solution.

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Grow Rx

 Your Complete

Plant Nutrition Solution.

Our Mission:

Natural soil and plant health

GROW RX is a subsidiary of  Y NOT GOATS Alberta-based, family-run company owned by father and son, 

Ron and Simon Boutin.

Grow Rx specializes in home and garden fertilizer blends for flowers, lawn and turf, trees and shrubs, and vegetable gardens. We are committed to using quality Omex products that are organic, pet friendly, non-GMO.


Y Not Goats Ltd. is especially excited to launch the newest product in the Grow Rx line up - their scientifically formulated, custom blended and incredibly easy-to-use Cannabis Kit It's complete, it's simple and it works. 

Easy, convenient shopping

for your all plant and fertilizer needs, including Grow Rx.   

Focusing on soil and plant health, and getting the most out of your crops. 


View our comprehensive guide to all of our 2020 products.   

Meet The Team




Simon has learned a lot about plant health from the many years working alongside his father, Ron.


Simon is hard working, extremely personable, family-focused, and driven to do things the right way.




Ron cares a lot about finding natural ways to manage plant nutrition and well-being. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and hard working, yet very caring.


Ron holds a wealth of information and knowledge that he has gained over many years of experience in the field. 



Sales Manager

Brian is a natural born go-getter. His years of experience  friendly demeanour and great sense of humour help him build trusting and long lasting relationships with Grow Rx customers.


There’s never a dull moment when Brian is around! 



Office Manager

Faye always answers the phone with a smile on her face. Organized, efficient and extremely helpful, Faye uses her skills to keep everything (and everyone!) on track. 


If there is anything you need, just ask Faye.



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