Ice Away

Ice Away


100% safe de-icing. 


Ice Away can be used on footpaths, sidewalks and driveways where ice poses a risk to pedestrians and users. 


It is a de-icing and anti-icing agent that is safe and easy to handle. Most effective when applied prior to snowfall or 

freezing rain. 


No harmful effects to users and wildlife, and no hazard to 

the environment.

  • When and Why to use Ice Away


    • For use on driveways, footpaths, public thoroughfares, and anywhere ice poses arisk to pedestrians ans users
    • Ice Away is pet-friendly
    • Safe for use on concerete, asphalt, wood and metal
    • Not harmful to pedestrains or vehicles
    • Protective clothing NOT required during application
    • Non-corrosive (unlike salt)
    • Remains effective on ice at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius
  • What to Expect

    • Ice Away will not leave you an indoor track full of salt
    • Remains on the ground to inhibit further ice formation on treated surfaces
    • Rapidly penetrates the snow pack, quickly breaking the bond between ice and ground surface, and allowing for easy removal by shoevelling or brushing