Twice as concentrated as Ice Away!  

Super concentrated de-icer!


Can be used on footpaths, sidewalks and driveways where 

ice poses a risk to pedestrians and users. 


This is a de-icing and anti-icing agent that is safe and easy 

to handle. It is most effective when applied prior to snowfall or freezing rain.  


No harmful effects to users and wildlife, and no hazard to 

the environment.

  • When and Why to use Ice Buster


    • Use to de-ice concrete surfaces, walkways, driveways, highways, bridges, and runways
    • Use to prevent ice build-up after cleaning snow and before snowfall or freezing rain
    • Ice Buster as a liquid formula allows a rapid, accurate and uniform application, and does not represent any harnful effects to the users or wildlife
    • Is faster acting than solid urea and produces an increased skid resistance on treated surfaces
  • What to Expect

    • Ice Buster will not leave you an indoor track full of salt
    • Rapid and efective control of ice to endure a safe environemt where applied
    • A low footprint with no hazard to the environment
    • Safer use to the applicator, pets, wildlife and to the environment
    • No stain on the treated surfaces
    • No corrosion effect