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Our mission:

Natural soil and plant health

What we believe:

We want stable families living peaceful lives in prosperity and physical security while free to pursue their own religious beliefs. All should enjoy adequate nutritious food and clean water, while enjoying good education and health in balanced lives with time for family, friends, and community. All to be insured, for many generations to come, on a foundation of regenerative living soils and biologically diverse communities on Earth's land, her rivers, lakes and oceans


Focusing on soil and plant health, and getting the most out of your crops. 

Meet Our Team


Ron (AG)



Ron cares a lot about finding natural ways to manage plant nutrition and well-being. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and hard working, yet very caring.

Ron holds a wealth of information and knowledge that he has gained over many years of experience in the field.
Simon has learned a lot about plant health from the many years working alongside his father, Ron.

Simon is hard working, extremely personable, family-focused, and driven to do things the right way.

Technologist Agronomist (training)


Sales Manager


5 years ago, I started as an office manager for Y Not Goats Ltd and found a passion for plant and soil health. I am currently pursuing a degree from Old’s College, specializing in soil fertility and plant health. In the coming years, I am eager to cultivate hands-on experience by working with a senior agronomist focused on soil fertility. This will prepare me for a fulfilling career as an RT’Ag {Registered Technologist Agronomist} with Y Not Goats Ltd.
I’ve been farming and in the Ag industry all of my life. Completed my Certificate in Ag Science from the University of Saskatchewan and completed my master degree in Ag Sales with John Deere University. Been in sales for the last 16 years in Southern Alberta. Married, 1 son in Sask and 3 step children in financing and administration. And 3 grandchildren.

Office Manager


Sales Manager


Meet James, a dedicated steward of the land with an unwavering passion for farming. From a very young age, he worked the family fields in the Camrose area. He worked as a farm hand out of high school and spent 25 years in the pipe manufacturing and Oil/Gas sectors.

Eventually leading him and his wife to owning and operating both their family farms. James understands that soil health is the foundation of successful agriculture, emphasizing the importance of minimizing inputs while maximizing yields to maintain profitability. For James, it is about doing the right things for the right reasons while leading with honesty and integrity.

Past office manager, future agronomist.

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