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Omex Chitosan (The Natural ...


• CFIA-registered supplement: Reg. # 2017113A, Fertilizers Act.
• Chitosan is a compound naturally found in crustacean shells and fungal cell walls,
and can be very beneficial to plant production and growth.
• ChitosanTM enhances plant survival and yield in times of heat or cold stress and drought.
• When foliar-applied to crops it allows the plants to grow with less water.
• Exogenous application of ChitosanTM has also been shown to accelerate growth
and germination as well as improve the quality of flowers and fruit.
• Applied to produce, ChitosanTM helps prolong their shelf life and prevents early decays.
• Application of ChitosanTM can trigger plant defense responses and lead to a significant
reduction in disease pressure.
• Timing of application is also crucial for insuring a beneficial effect.


• The product is recommended on all crops including field, horticultural and vegetable
crops as well as fruit trees, turf and ornamentals.
• ChitosanTM improves seed germination and seedling establishment.
• Apply ChitosanTM to improve the overall health and resilience of the crop to stressful
conditions (cold, heat, drought, ...).
• ChitosanTM helps plants manage water use efficiency.
• As a biostimulant, ChitosanTM triggers plant’s natural immunity against pathogens
and can be used to complement fungicides effect.
• Applied post-harvest, ChitosanTM can prolong produce shelf life.


• An improved growth and development especially under cold, hot & drought stress conditions.
• Healthier crops often yield higher.
• Better seed and fruit quality.

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