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Omex Cytokelp (Plant Growth...


• Cytokelp is a CFIA registered plant growth regulator (Fert. Act # 2015147A).
• It contains the growth regulator Kinetin (6-Furfurylaminopurine).
• CytokelpTM also contains Kelp and Yucca extracts that are well documented to be
involved in reducing stress under a variety of conditions and stimulating growth.
• The product is available in 2 x 6 L cases.


• CytokelpTM is recommended on a variety of field crops, vegetables and fruit trees.
• It can be applied in-furrow, by drip-irrigation or drenching or as in-season foliar at the
3-5 leaf stage and early bloom.
• CytokelpTM contains naturally occurring plant biostimulants that encourage seedling
and plant growth and may increase the number and size of flowers/fruit, plant weight,
root weight, crop quality and yield while reducing the effects of environmental stress.
• Kinetin is the only Canadian registered cytokinin that can be used on a variety
of crop species.
• Kinetin increases the rate of cell division, differentiation and growth.
• It also delays senescence in plant tissues, increases flower set, fruit formation
and side branching.
• Kinetin applied at the right timing can lead to an enhancement of growth
and development, seed and fruit set and ultimately yield.


• Stimulation of crop growth and development especially under stress situations.
• CytokelpTM increases the plant biomass; number and size of flowers/fruit, yield and quality.

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