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Omex Foliar Advance Cu (One...


• Low salt index liquid fertilizer for in-crop foliar spray.
• Good source of readily available Copper for quick absorption and translocation
into the plants; especially for cereals prone to develop Copper deficiency, lodge
and become susceptible to ergot.
• The product is available in 10 L jugs, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.


• For use on crops prone to develop Copper deficiency (“pig tailing” in cereals, pale leaves
in broadleaf crops).
• Recommended for crops grown on high peat soils, sandy and light textured soils, high
organic matter soils, heavy manured land, high pH soils and any soils showing low
Copper contents.
• Use to prevent or correct Copper deficiency.
• Cereal species vary in their sensitivity to Copper deficiency. Sensitivity increases as
you move through the various cereal crops, from winter wheat, to spring wheat, barley,
oats, triticale and rye.
• Use to improve grain quality (i.e., plumpness in barley with lower proteins).
• Use in areas where crops are prone to lodging to improve lignification.
• Use on crops that show pale color and a lesser chlorophyll production and efficiency.


• Foliar Advance CuTM improves chlorophyll production, photosynthesis and the overall
crop health.
• Foliar Advance CuTM improves lignification and contributes to the reduction of lodging.
• Foliar Advance CuTM provides high level of pollen fertility, minimizing the chances of
infection with ergot.
• Reducing the chances for ergot translates into an improved seed quality and grade,
hence saving on seed cleaning costs.


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