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Omex GypFlow (The Liquid Gy...


• A liquid gypsum suspension of calcium and sulfur (Ca:S = 35:25).
• Meant for in-furrow (through the UAN shoot not with phosphate) or foliar application.
• Easier to handle and use than spreading bulk dry gypsum.
• Can be applied using spray boom, drip systems, overhead irrigation or aerial.
• Seed and plant safe.


• Applied to improve soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing calcium
levels in the soil.
• With its fine particle size liquid gypsum is highly available and can be recommended as
a quicker solution to overcome soil compaction.
• It is suitable for application to all soils where compaction, high sodium, salt build-up
and low calcium remain a problem.
• Application rates may vary widely depending on the crop, soil type and other triggers
for use. A 2-4 L/ac are suitable on average.
• The product should be applied with a minimum water dilution of 1:5 (1 part product to
5 parts water). For boom spray applications we recommend a minimum nozzle size
of 06-08 or a flood jet nozzle to assist with higher water delivery rates, keep agitated
after dilution to minimize settlement.


• Correction of calcium and sulfur deficiency.
• Increased water infiltration and a reduction of soil compaction.
• Displacement of salt and reduction of salinity issues.


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