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Omex Liquid K Xtra (Liquid ...


• Liquid K XtraTM is a superior Potassium fertilizer formulated for fast foliar uptake
and translocation.
• Kinetin PGRs are available under various analyses.
• This product is available in 10 L, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.


• Kinetin PGRs are recommended on all crops including cereals, pod crops such as
canola, soybeans and pulses, oilseeds, forages as well as fruit and vegetables.
• Applied early in the season (3-5 leaf stage) Kinetin PGR increases the rate of cell
division, differentiation and growth.
• Applied later in the season (during seed and fruit set) Kinetin PGR increases the size
of the cells making higher thousand kernel weight (TKW) and bigger size fruit.
• Kinetin PGR advances the growth and development of the main stem and tillers
resulting in a high test weight and more even maturity of the harvested grain.
In addition, the combination of Kinetin PGRs with key nutrients such as Potassium (K):
• Increases flower set, fruit formation and lateral branching.
• Evens the tillers and main stem in cereals provided an optimal seeding rate is observed.
• Offers an available form of K, which is essential for cell development and strength.
• The combination of Kinetin PGRs with Liquid K XtraTM revealed to reduce straw height
and strengthen cereal crops, which often contribute to the prevention of lodging.


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• Small plot research trials in Manitoba with varieties Harvest and Plentiful, during
2014, 2015 and 2016, showed a reduction of height by 4-6 inches in response to the
treatment with Kinetin PGRs and Liquid K XtraTM over the untreated control.
• Large scale farm trials with wheat, barley and oats showed similar effects.
• A varietal effect was observed and some varieties were irresponsive: although the
cytokinin effect was observed, no shortening of the straw was noticed.
• On farm use during 2014, 2015 and 2016 season reported an effect on crop height,
health, yield and quality.

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