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Omex Perfuze B (Better Dist...


• Highly concentrated liquid suspension intended for coating dry PKS blends
with micronutrients.
• It can also be applied on other porous materials placed in the seed row (i.e., gypsum).
• Formulated with Micronutrient Delivery System (MDS Technology™).
• Various analyses offered.
• PerfuzeTM is easy to use.
• Faster drying time.
• Treatment possible at low temperatures (-25oC).
• PerfuzeTM is recommended for use in rotatory vertical or horizontal drum blenders,
screw auger or conveyor blenders, rubon blender or other volumetric blending systems.
• Most cost-effective and efficient way of applying micronutrients to the soil.
• The product is available in 5 L jugs, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.


• Used to correct micronutrient deficiencies and address micronutrients crop demand
based on a soil test and crop removal.
• When soil-applied micronutrients are required.
• Allows for a better distribution of micronutrients in the field.
• In high pH soils, soils with high organic matter, heavy manured land, sandy and light
textured soils and other situations restricting micronutrients availability.


• Even coverage of the fertilizer granules.
• As a liquid product, PerfuzeTM helps reduce dust during blending.
• Better access of the roots to essential micronutrients.
• Correction of the expected micronutrients deficiencies.
• Healthier crops with a preserved yield and quality.


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