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Omex Sunalta B (The Boron S...


• Concentrated solution of boron in a borate form suitable for soil application.
• Fully soluble and the most appropriate form to provide boron in a soil solution in a
timely manner for annual and perennial crop.
• Perfect for blending and application with fertilizers and pesticides.
• The process of manufacturing involves a selective process based particles size, weight/
density and other characteristics that make the product compatible with a wide range
of fertilizers and chemistries used at burn off.


• Use with glyphosate at pre-burn or other soil applied liquid fertilizer
or humate products.
• Use to correct boron deficiencies in crops found mainly in soils with low organic matter
content, in acidic and sandy soils.
• Boron availability to plants generally decreases with increasing soil pH, especially
above pH 6.5. However soils that are strongly acidic (having a pH less than 5.0) can
also be low in available boron due to the interaction of soil minerals such as iron and
aluminum oxide.
• The most consistent responses to this boron product have been observed on coarsetextured
soils with low organic matter content and on recently limed acidic soils over
the whole range of soil textures.
• Tillage and drought conditions should also be considered when assessing
boron availability.


• Improved cell wall structure by enhancing the uptake of calcium, which lead
to stronger and healthier seedlings with more branching.
• Sound development of the xylem and phloem vessels early on in the development
of the seedlings, improving translocation of water, minerals and carbohydrates.
• Correction of the boron deficiency.
• Fast acting and long lasting effect: applied onto the soil the boron slow-release
and become available when most needed at bolting stage.
• SAP testing conducted during the course of 2016 season on treated acres revealed
two effect of the product during the early stages (3-5 leaf) and at bolting.
• Boron regulates hormone levels in plant for growth and reproduction, which improves
cell division at root tips, leaf and bud development.
• Is extremely economical to correct highly deficient soils.

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