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Omex SopHtner 95 (The In-Cr...


• SopHtner95TM is a soil and water pH conditioner.
• It controls algae and buffers the tank mix spraying solution.
• SopHtner95TM is formulated using naturally-occurring organic acids and represents an
environmentally sound management tool for lowering alkaline soil conditions.
• It is also safer for in-crop use where acidic conditions are required for better efficacy.
• SopHtner95TM acts as a weak chelator improving the efficiency of uptake through the leaves.
• The product is available in 10 L jugs, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.


• Hard water often has high pH due to the level of carbonate it contains.
• The continuous application of high pH water tends to increase the pH of the soil.
• Also, many herbicides and fungicides require an acidic solution for better efficacy.
• By adding SopHtner95TM, hardness of the water can be lowered, which reduces the
possibility of soil pH raise.
• SopHtner95TM is a pH reducer designed for soil and water applications, where the pH
needs to be lowered into a more acidic range.
• Non-Exhaustive List of herbicides often affected in the efficacy of water hardness:
2,4D Amine, Amitrole, Atrazine, Bentazone, Clethodin, Dicamba, Endothal, Fluazifop,
Glufosinate Ammonium, Glyphosate, Imazamox, Imazapyr, Imazethapyr, MCPA Amine,
Metsulfuron-Methyl, Paraquat, Picloram, Quizalofop, Sethoxydim and Trakoxydim.


• SopHtner95TM reduces the pH of the water and conditions the soil for turf, trees and
ornamentals and greenhouse soil mixes.
• The product is safer for use in-crop and to the users more than other pH reducers such
as sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate.
• When adding SopHtner95TM to a mixture containing micronutrients, part of these
elements can be chelated and made more available to the crop.


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