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Preventing Lodging in Crops to Preserve Yield and Quality

Preventing Lodging in Crops to Preserve Yield and Quality

Grain lodging is a major cause of yield and quality losses in many crops grown in Western Canada, particularly cereals. To prevent such losses, it is essential to identify the root cause of lodging and take appropriate measures to avoid it. Commonly observed root and stem failure can be attributed to various factors, such as soil composition, farm practices, and excessive use of nitrogen. Root lodging is often observed early in the season due to manganese deficiency and/or disease, while stem failure is observed later in the season due to the weight of the heads, causing the stem to collapse at the weakest point.

Some of the key contributors to lodging include excessive nitrogen applications, insufficient root development, heavy rain or irrigation, take‐all disease, and heavy manure. To reduce the risk of lodging, it is important to choose the right crop variety for the local conditions and start the season with an OMEX Primer, particularly Primer Mn, to help develop a strong root system. In addition, the use of plant growth regulators can help control the height of the crop and the addition of key micronutrients at critical stages can help trigger lignin synthesis and accumulation in the stems.

For further advice on strategies to help keep your plants upright and preserve yield and quality, contact Ron @ 1-403-820-4626 or visit ynotgoatsltd.com. We can provide information about the OMEX products that can help prevent lodging in your crop, along with valuable crop nutrition advice.

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