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Tree Fix
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Restore trees to their optimal state!   Tree Fix is a guaranteed solution that addresses stress-related deficiencies in all types of trees and shrubs. This formula will help restore any tree to full health, full...


For optimal growth of trees and shrubs!   Give your trees and shrubs the opportunity to thrive by providing them with All Tree Care.    This special fertilizer will keep trees and shrubs beautiful, healthy...


No more harmful critters.   This insecticide is a non-chemical insecticidal soap that can be used on fruit trees such as apples apricots cherries nectarines peaches pears plums and prunes, as well as on small...


Ultimate protection from slugs & snails.   For use around vegetables, fruit trees, berries, ornamentals, lawns and greenhouses. Apply product evenly on soil surface around or near plants and areas to be protected.


The perfect pH every time.   SopHtner95 is a pH reducer designed for soil and water applications, where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range.   This can be used for...


A must-have for every home gardener.   This is our most robust and well-rounded fertilizer solution. To be applied once per year, usually in the spring prior to seeding or transplanting.     This formulation...


Your plants have never been greener!   Plant Power is specifically blended to be used once every seven days on all indoor/outdoor plants. Simply spray a light mist on the foliage such as flowers, vegetables,...


For all types of vegetable & fruit gardens.   You can start using this product as a foliage spray when plants emerge and every two weeks thereafter.    Vegetable Garden can also be used on...

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