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Maximizing Your Crops’ Success - Priming Your Seeds

Maximizing Your Crops’ Success - Priming Your Seeds

Seeding your crops is one of the most important steps in assuring a successful crop for the season. But did you know that how you choose to prime your seeds can make a huge difference in ensuring the best outcome?

For optimal root development and better access to soil nutrients, priming your seeds is one of the best ways to promote strong, established plants that are ready to take on whatever environmental challenges they face.

Priming seeds adds essential macro- and micronutrients to the seed coating, ensuring that regardless of soil conditions, your plants will emerge quickly and remain healthy. Primers can also help mitigate the effects of cold temperatures and wet soil, two conditions that can greatly limit nutrient availability and leave your plants vulnerable to disease. OMEX Primers have been specially formulated to help your crops withstand extreme conditions and remain vigorous throughout the season.

When it comes time to select a fertilizer program for your crops, talk to Ron about how Primers fit into it. With seven OMEX Primers available to choose from, each formulated with an optimal balance of essential elements to power your plants from the germination stage to the 3-5 leaf stage, you can rest assured knowing your crop will be given the best shot at reaching its full potential.

Don’t leave your crop’s success up to chance – prime your seeds to ensure a strong start and stellar outcome this season.


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